Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Label Traders signs up to Printanoffer.com

We are having a tremendous reaction to the offer we are currently displaying on the website “printanoffer.com” where a 10% discount voucher can be printed off and spent on top of our already hugely discounted prices from high street prices!

This offer will be featured at the Ashfield Show on the weekend of 13-14th August, coincidentally the same weekend as our next rummage sale! So why not pop on down to visit us whilst you are in the area. It promises to be a very exciting weekend saving you even more money than ever. 
Could this be the antidote for ever increasing fuel and food prices?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

July Rummage Sale

The last Label Traders factory rummage sale was our most successful ever!

For the first time and due to tremendous demand, we moved the location from the "Potters Place" factory canteen to across the way in the warehouse closer to Label Traders.
This enabled us to have considerably more room to display the ever growing amounts of stocks and for more customers to gain access. In addition we developed an entry and exit system that made the whole event run much more smoothly.

Encouraged by the positive results and feedback from our customers, it would appear that there is no going back now and we look forward to making future rummage sales even more attractive and exciting!!!

*** Check out our web-site for details of future rummage sales here :- Up coming Rummage Sales